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Umpire Training - 2017 Season

Calling all Umpires ! ! !     

North Langley Baseball is looking for Umpires for the 2017 Season. 

Anyone  wanting to Umpire with North Langley must be certified  with the BC Baseball  Umpires Association ( BCBUA)  in Level 1 or Level 2 depending on your age and divisions you will be umping.

You must re-certify every year.


North Langley will be hosting Level 1 and Level 2 umpire clinics where you will receive your certification.  You must be prepared to attend a one day session . 

Umpires must be 12 before December 31,2017.


Payment and Reimbursement - New for 2017

Umpires will be required to pay the cost of the clinic up front and will be reimbursed by North Langley Baseball when the following is met.

  • Umpires provide receipt of fees paid
  • Umpires must pass the certification test 
  • Umpires must umpire a minimum of 5 games for North Langley during the 2017 Spring season. 


Umpires who have been sponsored by North Langley should expect this to be their main commitment. 


Clinic Dates

Level 1   (1 day clinic ) 

Feb 26 ,2017  9:00 am - 5:00 pm         Langley Fine Arts Gym 

  • Level 1 clinics are meant for new and younger umpires and is based on 60-foot baseball diamond.  (Mosquito/11U and below).

Level 2

Feb 26 ,2017   9:00 am - 5:00 pm     Langley Fine Arts Gym 

  •  Level 2 clinics teach 70-foot + baseball (Peewee/13U and up).  They are more advanced in rules and training.  Umpires are expected to attend a Level 1 clinic before attending a Level 2.  Since clinics are free with membership, an umpire could attend both clinics in the same year if they umpire at multiple levels.

If you are unable to attend the clinic in North Langley , there are ongoing clinics until the end of March  please check the BC Umpires Association web site for clinic dates and time

   All umpires must be certified and a member of BCBUA in order to ump in North Langley

Contact Kevin Keckalo  Umpire in Chief at  with any questions.


BCBUA New Member Clinic Registration

Welcome to the BCBUA. 

These instructions are for new BCBUA members who do not already have a BCBUA membership.  If you registered last year please use your membership number and password from last year and sign in here


·        Go to our website

·        Choose ‘Registration’ from the side menu on the left and ‘Pre-clinic Registration’ from the popup menu

·        Read the instructions, then click the ‘Click here to go to the BCBUC Clinics page’ link at the bottom. 

·        Choose the North Langley Clinic  

·        New umpires and umpires only umpiring 60-foot (Mosquito/11U and below) should choose a Level 1 Clinic

·        Experienced umpires working 70-foot plus games (Peewee/13U and above) can choose a Level 2 Clinic.

·        Umpires who will be working both types of baseball may attend multiple clinics at no additional charge (check with Kelly Parker  for details).  For example a new, older umpire might with to attend both a Level 1 and 2 clinic.


·        Press the blue ‘Register’ button for the clinic you wish to attend.

·        Fill in the personal information and Membership Type based on age.

·        Your ‘Area’ is Lower Mainland - South       

·        Once your information is filled out correctly, choose the big, blue ‘Registration Button

        Once registered you will receive your BCBUA Membership number and confirmation by email.  Save this      membership number and your password information, you will need it to log onto the membership site in the future. 

·        These instructions are also listed on the main website (main page, scroll down).  If you have any problems with registering, send an email to

North Langley Baseball is looking for Umpires for our 2017 Season. 

Level 1 and 2 Clinics February 26,2017  Langley Fine Arts Gym. If you cannot attend this clinic,there are ongoing clinics until the end of March please check the BC Umpires Association web site for clinic dates and time

Umpire Registration and Online Scheduling

** New This year.

North Langley Baseball will require all umpires to register with North Langley Baseball. We will also be using an online scheduling program where you will be required to update your availability .  

Register here



Umpire Rates

Level 1 Umpire for Tadpole Division     1 ump per game $25 Plate/Base

Level 1 Umpire for Mosquito Division  Plate $30   Base $ 25

Level 2 Umpire for PeeWee Division    Plate $ 35  Base $ 30

Level 2 Umpire for Bantam Division      Plate $ 40  Base $ 35

Level 2 Umpire for Midget Division       Plate $ 55  Base  $ 45


Umpire Dress Code

Umpires will be required to wear an official umpire shirt which can be purchased through the league for $35.  Grey pants and black sneakers are required. Each umpire will be provided a black umpire hat. 

New this Year **

Trade in program. You can trade in your clean/in good condition last years umpire shirt for a bigger size for the cost of $25.

2017 Rules

For any information or question on umpiring in North Langley please contact our Umpire in Chief   Kevin Keckalo   at