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North Langley Softball

North Langley Diamond Sports

North Langley Baseball

2019 AGM

NL Baseball & NL Softball 
Annual General Meeting 

7:45 PM Thursday June 20, 2019   

Walnut Grove Community Center 

                                   Room #1                                     


Do any of the below apply to you? 

  • Have feedback about the season? 
  •  Interested in how the programs work behind the scenes? 
  • Suggestions to improve the program? 
  • Great ideas for next year and beyond?                                 
  • Just love the sport and want to see it thrive in your community? 

All Are Invited! Please Come Out! 



 North Langley Diamond Sports (North Langley Baseball/North Langley Softball)         

Annual General Meeting 

Room #1 Walnut Grove Community Centre

Thursday June 20th 7:45 pm         

Everyone in attendance will be entered in a draw to win a free 2020 registration, one for Baseball one for Softball!
1) June 18, 2018 AGM Minutes

2) Reports: President of Baseball, President of Softball, Treasurer 

3) Election of 2019/2020 Executive

4) New Business (Questions/Suggestions) 
Membership / AGM 

Any registered player or parent/guardian of the registered player is considered a member of NLDS and is eligible to vote at the AGM.  A quorum for the AGM will exist if 3 members are in attendance.   
Any member may make a resolution at the AGM.  A resolution does not have to be seconded and will be decided by a show of hands and will succeed or fail based on a majority.  A resolution at the meeting cannot result in a change to the Constitution and By-laws, since such changes require 15-day notification in writing to the membership.    
NLDS/NL Baseball/NL Softball Executive 
The 2019/2020  NLDS Executive, and North Langley Baseball and Softball Executive Committee’s will be determined at the AGM.  The process will be:  
1) (As per By-law 19) requires all members to declare their candidacy for an Executive position 7 days prior to the AGM: Deadline (7:00 PM Thursday June 13, 2019) please email your candidacy notice to Kelly Parker, at ( 
If there is only one individual who has declared their candidacy by Thursday June 13, 2019 that individual will be acclaimed to that position if approved/elected by the membership at the AGM. If there is more than one candidate, all candidates will be notified by the NLDS Chair an election will be held at the AGM. 
Nominations and election from the floor at the AGM will be accepted for all positions where no candidate(s) have been identified by June 13, 2019 
The 2019/20 Executive assumes duties on  September 1, 2019 
The AGM is your opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions to help improve the NLDS programs for your kid(s).   
We hope to see you on the 20th !!!!!!!! 
NLDS Board of Directors and Officers: 
These positions are for terms not to exceed 2 years. The group meets on a formal basis roughly 4 times per year, or as required. For more information contact:     

The NLDS Executive is responsible for the overall management of both the Baseball and Softball programs.  Directors may be added to the NLDS Executive as required and are drawn from the Baseball/Softball Executives. The NLDS Executive is elected from and by the membership, and consists of the following officers/directors:   
Chairman – Kelly Parker (1st year of 2-year term)

Secretary – Lisa Crone (1st year of 2-year term)

Treasurer – Bill Oulton (1st year of 2-year term)

Assistant Treasurer – 

President Baseball – (1st year of 2-year term)

President Softball – Trevor Moreno (1st year of 2-year term)

Registrar Baseball – (1st year of 2-year term) 



NLDS provides minor baseball and softball programs for the youth in our North Langley community.

NL Baseball - boys and girls ages 4 to 25
NL Softball - girls ages 7 to 19
NL Challenger - cognitive/physically challenged girls/boys ages 5-19


You can visit Baseball, Softball, and Challenger by navigating the top menu bars.


North Langley Diamond Sports shall promote participation and instill the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and courage into the children in our community.

These purposes will be achieved by providing a safe learning environment through competitive baseball and softball games.
The people in authority shall bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill or the winning of games is secondary to positive character building

NLDS Executive

NLDS Chair Kelly Parker
President- Baseball Doug Crone
President - Softball Trevor Moreno
VP of Admin Baseball Marla Clark
VP of Development Ray Clark
VP of Operations Cristal Schroder
VP Rep Erin Heutink
VP House Tammy Klym-Wolfe
VP Steve Benton
Registrar - Baseball Tanya McLachlan
Registrar - Softball Chaeleen Hynds
Batting Cage Manager Dan Smart
Raffle Coordinator Vacant
Raffle Coordinator Softball Sherry Currie
Treasurer Bill Oulton

The NLDS Executive is responsible for the overall management of both the Baseball and Softball programs.  Directors may be added to the NLDS Executive as required, and are drawn from the Baseball/Softball Executives.