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Who Can Play Softball?

NLDS Softball serves the communities of Fort Langley and Walnut Grove and Willoughby, but anyone is welcome to play for NLDS Softball.

  • NLDS BC Minor Baseball - boys and girls ages 4 to 18 - go to NLDS Baseball
  • NLDS Softball - girls ages 7 to 19
  • NLDS Challenger - cognitive/physically challenged girls/boys ages 5-19... read more

Mission Statement

North Langley Diamond Sports shall promote participation and instill the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and courage into the children in our community.

These purposes will be achieved by providing a safe learning environment through competitive softball games.

The people in authority shall bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill or the winning of games is secondary to positive character building.

Who Are We?

North Langley Softball and North Langley Baseball are part of North Langley Diamond Sports (NLDS).  Both have 15 executive positions available.  See the tables below for the Current Season's Executive and Vacant Positions. Baseball and Softball act independently of each other but refer to the NLDS executive for shared responsibilities.

These committed teams meet monthly throughout the year to ensure the coming season is a success for NLDS and the families that benefit from these great sports.

President Trevor Moreno

VP1 (REP Division)

Erin Heutink

VP2 (Upper Division)

Joanne Hutton-Sedhev

VP3 (Lower Division)

Tammy Klym-Wolfe


Registrar Chaeleen Hynds
Coach Development Manager TBH
Batting Cage Manager Dan Smart
Volunteer Coordinator Heidi Gerlach


Equipment Manager


Steve Benton

Field & Safety Manager Lorne Walper
Player Development Manager Trevor Moreno
Secretary Tammy Klym-Wolfe
Assistant Treasurer Sylvia Hudson
Treasurer Bill Oulton
Raffle Coordinator Sherrie Currie
Umpire In Chief Paul Muirhead
Game Scheduler  Rachel Charron
Uniform Manager Ken Kirk
Tournament Director Erin Heutink/Steve Benton
Webmaster Jeremy Schubert

Executive Board Duties Include:

  • organizing registration
  • maintaining the fields
  • budgeting for uniform & equipment replacements
  • organizing coaches, umpire and player clinics
  • selecting coordinators, coaches
  • planning for the coming seasons tournaments
  • attending Softball BC meetings (softball only)
  • organizing Rep "B" try outs (softball only)
  • organizing Post Season All-Star try outs (baseball only)
  • Anyone interested in getting involved please don't hesitate to send any of us an email and we'll be sure to find a position suitable to your skills and lifestyle.  Many hands make light work!!