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Volunteers Always Needed

North Langley Diamond Sports Softball program is run 100% by volunteers to ensure the girls have a great season.  The list of volunteer opportunities is long and range from the Pre Season which involve an afternoon commitment all the way up to year long positions on the executive.  During the Season volunteer help is always needed before games and after games.

NLDS can't stress enough that ANY HELP large or small is always welcome.  It takes a community to build a softball league where all teams can excel.

Using DIBS to claim Volunteer Hours

IMPORTANT - For correct Dibs reporting, you must edit the players and family profiles. Please only use first and last name. See directions below.

We utilize the DIBS system to help manage our volunteer hours. All volunteer opportunities will be available through the DIBS menu. If you don't see any available volunteer hours, then they have been claimed.  Hours will be added weekly/monthly or as they become available. 

To begin viewing and claiming the available volunteer opportunities go to the "DIBS" tab located at the top of the page.  Only members registered for the current season will have access to this season's Dib session.

How to "claim" an item?

  • LOGIN with your user name and password. (located in the upper left hand corner of the screen)
  • Click on the DIBS tab. 
  • Under Available Sessions - click on the Volunteer Position
  • Find the Volunteer position for your team
  • Select "Claim this Dib item" for the session you wish to claim.

If you decide while you are in the session that you don't want a Dib item - click Cancel before you complete the last step.

How to view "claimed" DIB items? If you sign up for an opportunity online and can't remember the information, simply log on with your username and password (located in the upper left hand corner of the screen) and click on Dib menu and then My Dibs: View all my currently claimed DIB items.

What to do if you are unable to work a selected Dib item?  Find a replacement to work the selected Dib item on your behalf.  Contact the volunteer coordinator with replacement volunteer information so correct Dib hours can be given to the volunteer who worked the session.


TREASURER - ensure the league's finanaces are kept in order

PRE SEASON FIELD PREP - ensure the fields are safe, in good repair and looking sharp.  

PHOTO DAY - organizers and helpers

GRADING - helpers to run the pitching machines, catch balls etc.

OPENING CEREMONIES - organizers and helpers

During the Season

FIELD PREP - raking & line "painting" before and after games

TEAM PARENT - ensures all forms are handed in, is the communication between coach and parent, ensure schedule is up to date and raffle tickets are collected.

ASSISTANT COACH - helps organize practice drills and assists with game strategy

COACH - organizes practices and player rotation during games, batting orders etc.... one coached laughed and said "is that all I do!"  In the future this "job description" will be more detailed :)

DIVISION COORDINATOR - middle management of the volunteer world!  They are the "go to" for all coaches in the division and distributes information from the league.  Also assist in some scheduling and documenting the season game results.  Coordinators are on hand one month before the season starts to assist with team organizations.

PUB NIGHT/ DANCE COORDINATOR - coordinator is a good word!  This is a large fund raiser that involves picking the venue & the menu + silent auction items and ticket sales thru the teams.  Those of you that play hockey know ALL about these fund raisers.They are FUN!!

RAFFLE ORGANIZER -  every year NLDS has a fund raising raffle.  In the past prizes have included plasma TV's, iPods, Game Consoles.  Anyone with connections to "good stuff" is an asset here...even if you don't want to do any work, your connection will get you off the hook for any future work commitment in the Raffle category!

Annual Members

EXECUTIVE MEMBERS - meets monthly thru out the off season to organize ALL OF THE ABOVE including player/coach and umpire clinics, tournament plans, player grading, coach selection, web sites, league finances, uniform orders, equipment upkeep, field safety etc.