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  • North Langley Softball (NLSB) is part of North Langley Diamond Sports (NLDS) and offers Softball BC divisions for girls ages 7-18
  • Games are played at fields in the Walnut Grove, Willoughby, Langley & Brookswood area
  • (click on the specific division below for details and the fields played on)
  • The Rep "A" & "B" program of North Langley Softball merged with Langley Fastpitch in 2009

OTHER DIVISIONS - by birth year 2018 Season

Division Year
Mini Mite 2010-2011
U10 2008-2009
U12 2006-2007
U14 2004-2005
U16 2002-2003
U19 1999/2000/2001


The quick answer is NO

  • NLDS has tried this in the past and found more success in keeping players in the divisions based on birthday guidelines set by Softball BC.  Being the oldest player in a division does have some advantages.
  • The exception to this rule can only be made by the President of the Association and if an older division is short players to make a full team, then players are "Moved Up" a division.  
  • If your child is asked to "Move Up",  this is optional.
    • A move up should always be considered by the parents to ensure their child, regardless of birth date or grading result, is capable physically, emotionally and mentally to play with older kids.  "Playing up" may mean your child is not the strongest on the team.  There are benefits to both "moving up" and being the strongest player in the younger division.  The parent is the best judge of which scenario is best for their child.
    • Inexperienced players, regardless of "next birthday" or "grading result", may be better suited to stay in the proper division until more game experience is acquired. At the end of the day, NLDS wants the players to have fun, improve their skills and come back next season for more ball