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Dear North Langley Parents

North Langley Baseball Association is a 100% volunteer driven organization and without volunteers, there would be no Association. 

As our children grow, it is important to set examples for them with one of the most significant examples being the importance of giving the gift of time. By volunteering with North Langley Baseball, you are demonstrating a commitment to your child, the community, and the sport of baseball.

For the 2018 season, each family will be required to complete one volunteer opportunity over the course of the season.   A post-dated cheque (July 1st) for $100 will need to be provided to your Team Manager at the start of the season. If you have more than one child playing, please provide the cheque to the manager of your oldest child. These cheques will be destroyed once your volunteer opportunity is complete.

Alternatively, when you registered for this season you could have chosen to "opt-out" of league volunteering. If you did this, you would have already paid the $100 volunteer fee which will go towards supporting North Langley Baseball.

If you have decided that you would prefer to "opt-out", please use the following link to pay the 100.00 fee.



Please note that you can not opt out of team duties

Team duties such as scorekeeping and bench/dugout parent are not included as volunteer time. However, the jobs of head coach, assistant coach, team manager and field prep (season long) will be considered as a fulfillment of league volunteer time. 

Please be aware that one volunteer opportunity is not a lot of time to assist in your child’s enjoyment of the sport of baseball and is actually on the lower end of commitment required by most Associations.

As you will see below, there are many volunteer roles that will help you achieve your volunteer opportunity this season.  This list is meant to provide a few of the many volunteer opportunities at North Langley Baseball.

  • Player Assessment Station Volunteer
  • Opening Ceremonies Volunteer
  • Photo Day Volunteer
  • March field clean up Volunteer 
  • Will Smith Memorial Tadpole Tournament Volunteer 
  • Fort Langley Fence Replacement Volunteer
  • Tball/Super6 Skills Days Volunteer
  • Equipment and Uniform Return and Cleanup Volunteer

This year we will be using the volunteer sign up platform DIBS, to help us keep track of all our league volunteer opportunities. Please take advantage of these opportunities and follow the instructions in the document attached to the emails to sign up for an opportunity. If you do not receive an email and wish to volunteer you can click on the DIBS tab on the top row of this website to see the volunteer opportunities that are currently available.

Please note that if you do not fulfill your volunteer opportunity requirement by the end of the current season, your $100 volunteer deposit cheque will be cashed by North Langley Baseball.

Thank you all in advance for your support and assistance in making this season at North Langley Baseball a huge success!


Marla Clark

Volunteer Coordinator   

North Langley Baseball

Dibs sign up

To sign up for your volunteer spot click here

DIBS Volunteer Platform

This year we will be using the volunteer platform DIBS. This platform works seamlessly with SportNgin which means that information is shared between registration and volunteer systems. Please have a look at the step by step PDF guide on how to use DIBS. Happy volunteering :)